Unfortunately, the post COVID-19 road back to recovery will be long and slow

UAP Group has used its supply managers to put together a comprehensive range of PPE to get everyone back to work.

Every item supplied by UAP is fit for purpose, correctly accredited and with every factory checked and audited.

The goal of UAP is to get you back to work, no matter who you are, or what size or type your organisation is. From an individual wanting to get to work, to a sole trader consultant, to someone who is customer facing, to a multi national, and everyone in between, we have a solution for you.

Every item supplied by UAP is fit for purpose, correctly accredited, and every factory has been checked and audited.

We want you to be totally confident that you will have the right PPE, all the time. And that is why we have set up the UAP Monthly PPE Guarantee Scheme.

To help you calculate how much PPE you need every month, we have put together an online PPE calculator!

Not all face masks are equal – no matter what they look like!

3 ply and 4 ply KN95 face masks consist primarily of 3 main parts:

The outer breathable fabric

The inner skin facing fabric

The very important melt blown layer – and that is the expensive part

Cheap face masks use either a very low percentage of melt blown layer or non at all! The minimum required to be effective, and also CE marked, is 90%.

It is a sad, but true fact, that many of the new manufacturers of face masks are not honest and are shipping below par products using either fake certification or not producing products to the samples they used to gain their certifications.

It is impossible to tell without either checking every face mask, or having a strict quality control team visiting the factories and checking the production before the goods are shipped. However that is exactly what we at UAP are doing, using our supply chain team. And that is your quality assurance!

Recommendations for PPE use

It is important to think about how to make your working area safe. Safe for you, safe for your employees and safe for your customers. Here are a few tips that may help;


No PPE solution is perfect, and there needs to be a balance made between minimising your risk of exposure to COVID-19, (and any other virus), and what is practical. The following is not a definitive guide but suggestions based on common sense and good practises seen by UAP.

Social distancing must be followed at all times to help minimise any risks.

Obviously ANYONE with any coughs, colds or flu like symptoms should not leave home at all, and should self isolate following the guidelines set down by the National Public Health authority.


If you are using your own vehicle to get to work, and travel on your own, then you probably don’t need much in the way of PPE. But good hand hygiene is recommended, and so carrying a small hand sanitizer in the glove box makes a lot of sense.

If you are travelling with others, then it is recommended that you use a face mask. The 3 ply disposable mask is a good low cost option but it needs to be replaced after every use. Therefore you may opt for the KN95 4 layer folding mask, which you could use for a few days and keep easily in your pocket. Again good hand hygiene is vital.

If you are travelling on public transport, then we urge you to wear an KN95 4 layer folding face mask, and change it every 2-3 days. Wearing gloves or nitrile disposable gloves is important, and again very good hand hygiene is essential.

Wearing a face shield or goggles on public transport is recommended, especially after government research suggests that Coronavirus can enter the body through the eyes, as eye cells are a prime target for the virus to attach to!

You can limit your exposure to other people by travelling out of peak hours, and this may allow you to change your normal working hours to achieve this.

Warehouses, offices, shops and Manufacturing

We suggest that a safe system of working starts at your front door. We recommend setting up an entry system where you or your employees have to stop to have body temperature taken. We have sourced a cost effective, high quality digital temperature scanner which can be found on our online shop.

Take everyone’s temperature, and only employees into the factory who do not have a high temperature may enter. Anyone else must go home and self isolate. Whilst the temperature is being taken, have the individual use hand sanitizer to clean their hands.

Once done, give the employee a face mask. A 3 ply mask is ideal for general work areas, and should be changed twice per day The employee should also be offered goggles or a face shield which can be disposed of daily.

Hand sanitiser should be freely available throughout the workplace and used regularly. Alternatively you may consider using Nitrile Gloves and disposing of them at the same time as the 3 play masks.

At lunch time repeat the temperature process and dispose of the old masks safely and carefully, and hand the employee a new 3 ply mask. At the end of the shift, all PPE should be carefully disposed of.

Customer Facing

Anyone who is customer facing, including trades such as locksmiths, builders, electricians, window fitters etc. who are customer facing, need to consider two things;

1. Their own health

2. The health of their customer and how their customer perceives that you are concerned about their health.

It is obvious that it is going to be vitally important that the customer thinks that you care about their health and safety. If you don’t then we would expect the customer to ask you to leave.

Those people who really care about their customers health will possibly see an increase in their business. Ask yourself this question, “does my customer think I can pass on a virus to them?” If the answer is yes, then you need to rethink your PPE strategy.

Let’s assume you are visiting a customer to do some work for them. Imagine you are a locksmith needing to work on the customers car. We do not think it unreasonable that the customer would expect you to be using a face mask in your vehicle on your way to them. When you park up, we would think the customer would have confidence if you changed your driving mask for a disposable mask, put on security goggles, or a face shield, nitrile gloves and used a disposable apron. The customer will feel safe. You will feel safe.

In the post COVID-19 market, customers will expect to pay for a safe service. Once you have done the job, make sure that you carefully dispose of the PPE.

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