Monthly Factory Bundle

A great one-stop PPE Bundle for your factory or workplace containing:
10x box of 3ply face masks, 10x box of large nitrile gloves, 5x 500ml hand gel, 5x box of alcohol wipes

£299.99 +VAT

Product Quantity

3-Layer Face Mask - 50 Pack × 10

SPECIAL OFFER. Until further notice, you will receive TWO Adult Face Shields with every pack of these face masks ordered.

Our 3-layer face mask (also know as the a respirator) is a single use disposable mask. 3-Layer face masks will last a shift, can be used in any public environment, walking, travelling to work and on public transport.


Nitrile Gloves - 100 Pack × 10

Hand protection using nitrile gloves is not only vital to help prevent the spread of a virus from touching surfaces, but it also acts as a mechanical barrier to discourage the wearer touching their face or rubbing their eyes.


75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer × 5

Having hand sanitizer available for yourself, workers and customers is essential in preventing the spread of Coronavirus. Our hand sanitizer has 75% alcohol, and is designed to kill 99.99% of germs.

500ml Bottle

75% Alcohol Wipes × 5

UAP Alcohol Wipes are saturated with 75% isopropyl alcohol, to clean, prepare or degrease a variety of surfaces. The wipes are great for cleaning down any surfaces including hand rails on trains and buses etc., as well as removing dust, dirt, and grease from electronics, print heads and peripherals across a number of applications. They are also great for general surface cleaning and to prepare surfaces prior to bonding adhesive tapes.

Be safe. Be smart. Wipe all public surfaces with UAP wipes.



A perfect bundle to keep your factory or workspace as safe as possible. You can buy as a single bundle or arrange for us to top you up every single month. Simply choose what you want to do at Check Out.

Bundle Contains:

  • 10x box of 3ply face masks
  • 10x box of large nitrile gloves
  • 5x 500ml handgel
  • 5x box of alcohol wipes

Additional information

Nitrile Gloves - 100 Pack



75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer


500ml Bottle

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